bbhlp087.zip and bbseqf12.zip

bbabb at medmicro.uct.ac.za bbabb at medmicro.uct.ac.za
Wed Jun 15 08:14:47 EST 1994

I have uploaded the following to 

BBHLP087.ZIP    Windows Help file for molecular biologists 
BBSEQF12.ZIP    Converts sequence file formats in windows

BBHelp is a windows help utility that includes topics on various
protocols, techniques, methods, recipes and appendices.  The information
has been submitted by various authors and is referenced.  It includes 
the protocols used in our B.Sc . (Hon) course.  This is not
meant to replace the extensive and printed laboratory manuals that are
available, but to provide a system for easy computer access.  Submit
your favourite protocols and be included!

BBSeqF.exe is a windows utility for molecular biologists who use various
programs to analyse sequence data.  It converts sequence files between
various formats.  The formats that are recognised include GCG, FASTA,
GenePro, PIR and straight sequence files.  BBSeqF supports
multi-sequence files in GenePro FASTA and PIR formats.

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