Wanted: gel and sequence data

Thomas C. Driscoll driscoll at omnifest.uwm.edu
Wed Jun 15 00:44:44 EST 1994

In reference to your interest in data from unconventional machines that might
use less than 4 dyes, odd chemical procedures, different dyesets, etc., you
may want to try Bob Brumley at UW-Madison (608)262-2021.  Sorry, no email
address.  I believe he was involved in the development and patent process of a
Horizontal Ultra-thin Gel Electrophoresis method which he now licenses through
the UW.  I am vaguely familiar with this because I used to work for the
company which he licenses that system to.  Before I left, I believe he was
working on a two dye automation method, and he should have some good data for
you to analyze.

Since I've left that company, I've started my own company offering computer
imaging systems for gel electrophoresis and fluorescence microscopy applicatio
ns.  For the Mac, we interface the camera controls directly into NIH-Image and
write some custom routines.  We are currently looking for windows software to
accomplish the same things.  So, when you are ready to distribute your
software, I'd be very interested.

I hope this has been of some help. If you have questions/comments:
        Tom Driscoll
        BioImaging Technologies, Inc.

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