X Windows boxing and shading programme

reisner at angis.su.oz.au reisner at angis.su.oz.au
Tue Jun 14 18:19:45 EST 1994

      ShadyBox  [Boxing and shading utility for X Windows for multiple
                            sequence alignments]

   This utility uses as input files using the .msf (multiple sequence file)
format (output from GCG's 'pileup' and 'lineup' programmes or one of the
optional formats of 'CulustalV').  Alternatively a file created by GCG's
'pretty' programme can be used or the export text format from MACAW.

        The programme allows you to generate a PostScript file in which you
can box and shade regions.  ShadyBox was developed under SunOS 4.1.3.  The
ANSI C source code should be reasonably easily adaptable to other platforms
using UNIX and having the Motif library available.  The compressed tar file
contains the source code, a tutorial on the programme's use, a demo file
for use with the tutorial and a binary for Suns running SunOS 4.1.3 or 5.3.

  The software was developed by Camson Huynh of the Australian National
Genomic Information Service (ANGIS), chuynh at angis.su.oz.au to whom
suggestions and bug reports should be sent.

AVAILABILITY: By anonymous ftp from -

      fly.bio.indiana.edu     as    /molbio/align/shadybox1.1.tar.gz
 or   ftp.embl-heidelberg.de  as   /pub/software/unix/ShadyBox1.1.tar.Z

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