MD.Image (NIH)

Robert J. Winfield winfield at CAP.GWU.EDU
Wed Jun 15 06:11:10 EST 1994

this is actually going to bio-soft. i need a bit of help or actually my
wife does.

she uses PCGene, which only has the capacity of about 15,000 bases. her
sequence data has roughly 48,000+ bases and PCGene routinely chokes when
sha has to do stuff in teeny tiny bites.

this means she has to do an ascii transfer to a disk, walk it to a Mac
translator machine, and then to another machine where she uses a Mac
program called GeneConstruct.

Is there PC based program she could get or use so she doesn't have to do
these shenanigans just to manipulate her data all on a PC based machine?

winfield at cap.gwu.edu

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