Autotutorial with images, software?

Neal Dalton nrd at insitu.med.umn.edu
Mon Jun 13 15:35:08 EST 1994

JEFFREY C. LEWIN (jclewin at mtu.edu) wrote:
: : 
: We are looking for software that allows the presentation of images 
: for self study.   (Used in first and second year Botany classes).    

Use mosaic, it work an Macs, PCs and Unix boses.

: Background: at present, we use slide projectors coupled with PCs.  
: The software (in basic) asks questions about the slides.  The software
: tells students if they are correct. If incorrect, they get a second
: try.  The program also records their score.  Obviously, the students 
: manually run the slide projector.  The the software is preprogramed
: for the order of the slides in the tray.  

Check out URL:


: We essentially want to get rid of the slide projectors.  By scanning the
: slide on to a (hard) disk we hope to intergrate the slides into a software 
: package which calls up the slide (and on the same screen) asks questions
: about that picture, and scores their answer.

With Mosiac, you can do a lot more than that.  You have the student
click on a part to identify it and then you can tell them if it is
correct.  You can also use it to blow up images into more detailed
images or to give specif info.

These are the more advanced feature of HTML+ and are just being
implemented in the PC and Mac worlds.

: Hopes and dreams:

: - Pictures should be easily scanned in and stored so they are easy to
: upgrade.

Use JPEG format, it is smaller.  We have a slide scanner on a PC, you
might be able to use something like that, too.

: - Program should have both the picture and the questions on the same
: screen, i.e. size of picture must not fill the whole screen.

Your screens are going to be the limitation, some PC have only 640x480.

: - We would like all the slides to fit on a hard disk (maybe 500 color
: images), hence "smaller" image files are best.  

This will depend on the quality and type of images.  It they have a lot
of one color they can compress pretty good.

: - Oh, and if the software is cheap (or shareware) it would be a bonus for 
: those students who put it on their own computers. 

It is free and everyone should have it.

: or this group (I'll summarize if their is a call for it).

Please summarize!!!


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