OLIGO - Primer Analysis Software

Paulo Magalhaes pamaga at biobase.aau.dk
Mon Jun 13 14:10:54 EST 1994


We have an old version of OLIGO (ver 3.4) and we've been using it quite
happily for years now. I would, however, like to calculate myself (to
use in a spreadsheet...) some of the data provided by the program - stuff
like Tm, extinction coefficients, etc. Can someone provide me with
*practical* formulas?... I have been looking at the manual and the
formulas mentioned haven't been of much help - my mathematical ignorance
shows... :)

More, the manual refers to a Rychlik et al (1990) "in preparation" - does
anyone know the exact reference?...

Many thanks in anticipation. Please email me directly as I don't usually
read this newsgroup.

Regards from Copenhagen,

Paulo Magalhaes -- Clinical Genetics, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark
 \\ voice: +45/35454592 \\ fax: +45/35454072 // pamaga at biobase.aau.dk //

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