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rhubner at molbiol.ox.ac.uk rhubner at molbiol.ox.ac.uk
Mon Jun 13 02:49:23 EST 1994

hi there again,
 my recent question about use of "PC-Rare" netted me several messages, all 
asking for more info about this approach... some info I know follows
 1/ "PC-Rare" is copyrighted by R. Griffais at the Institut Pasteur (1993).
 2/ the "octamer frequency disparity" method is described in a paper by
    R. Griffais et al. "K-tuple frequency in the human genome and polymerase 
    chain reaction" Nucleic Acids Research 19(14), 3887-3891, 1991.
 3/ from this paper: "This method differs from those previously used to select 
    primers in that it defines a primer according to the CONTEXT [my emphasis]
    in which the primer will be used, rather than from its intrinsic 
    thermodynamyc properties"
 4/ the program prints out immediately a set of nested primers (also with the
    eight 3' bases to be retained...)
 5/ the only distributor seems to be:
      EUROGENTECH SA (Belgium)
      Parc Scientifique de la Cense Rouge
      Rue Bois Saint Jean, 14
      B-4102 Seraing 

      Fax # --/32/41-65.51.03

     (I got a Demo for Mac from them; they have Demos for PC as well; please 
contact them for more info if necessary and for addresses of the EGT 
distributors in other European countries (France, Germany and Netherlands)...)

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