genetics teaching software

TRICKETT A.J. gen5ajt at leeds.ac.uk
Sun Jun 12 11:27:53 EST 1994

>I am looking for software that could be used to teach genetics
>(and perhaps some molecular biology) in a laboratory setting.
>I am specially looking for software concerning evolution, or
>other genetics experiments that can not be done in a lab. session.
>Do you know of any specific software, or where I can look for one?

We use Populus 3.x for DOS (Windows version out soonish), this is an excelent
population genetics package, I couldn't recommend it too much. It's free and
downloadable by ftp from somwhere, I can find out if you are interested.

>I am also interested in simple software to keep track of student
>marks, calculate averages, print histograms of mark distribution and
>the like.

We have delevloped some toolbook software, which allows student to answer
questions, the results can then be sent back to the administrator, where Excel
works fine for doing simple graphs etc etc.
Adam J Trickett
IT Officer
Dept Genetics
University of Leeds

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