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Andrew Cockburn afc at gnv.ifas.ufl.edu
Thu Jun 9 09:25:59 EST 1994

In article <9406080925.AA26524 at horvak.hrl.dk>, hww at horvak.hrl.dk (Henrik Wengholt) writes:
> Hello World
> What programs, drivers and printer drivers do scientists use when
> they create poster titles of let say size 150 cm x 40 cm.
> At our lab we use Aldus Pagemaker (Mac version) to create double sided
> facing pages in A4 size and print them on a laserwriter. We then increase
> it to A3 size with a photocopy machine and put them together with tape.
> But there must be an easier way to do this - A printer driver that can
> handle paper sizes suitable to poster titles, or do you have any hints  ????
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This is not elegant, but it works.  Try a drawing program.

I have used Lotus Freelance on our PCs.  Unlike word processors or DTP
packages, it is so stupid that it will print type that is too large for
one page.  It is simple enough to tape them together afterwards.  I have
made titles in a font at least 6 cm high.  It is also trivial to mix
different fonts.

Andrew Cockburn

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