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> Hello World
> What programs, drivers and printer drivers do scientists use when
> they create poster titles of let say size 150 cm x 40 cm.
> At our lab we use Aldus Pagemaker (Mac version) to create double sided
> facing pages in A4 size and print them on a laserwriter. We then increase
> it to A3 size with a photocopy machine and put them together with tape.
> But there must be an easier way to do this - A printer driver that can
> handle paper sizes suitable to poster titles, or do you have any hints  ????

Yes, there is. You even can make your entire poster as a whole in full

The price of a b/w (grayscale) poster in the Netherlands is about $50
(startup costs), plus $5 for every 100kB of Postscript. An ordinary
postscript file of a text poster is about 600 K, so that will cost you
50+30=$80. Looks very professional and you don't have to fiddle with glue,
tape, photocopiers etc. 
With the company over here, colour can be added for $20 per color extra.

Select Laser Writer printer at Page Setup. Select A4 paper format,
landscape. Make your poster as if you were working on a sheet of, say  150
cm wide, with an A4 landscape aspect ratio (ie. 11x8).
Then, when you are finished compiling your entire poster, choose 'print'.
Now select 'Coloured/ Grayscale' and select 'Postscript (R)'. Then click
Now a postscript file is generated on your disk. 
Copy the Postscript file to a flop and go to an electronic
publishing/printing (DTP facility etc.) company (see yellow pages). Ask
them to resize it to - and  print it on wide paper. Usually, this paper
size is 80 cm high from the roll, so you end up with a poster of 110x80 cm.
Perhaps your local publisher has even wider paper. If you really want to
have a perfect poster, ask them to put it on non-transparant polyester
film, that does not shrink or wrinkle. Once it is printed (plotted, in
fact) roll up your poster and smile at the folks carrying around large
suitcases that accommodate their broken-up-into-A2sized-sheets posters.

-Sometimes your PS file shrinks considerably when you remove non-truetype
fonts from your system folder (sys 7 and up). 
-Sometimes truetype fonts do not print out ok (make a no cure-no pay deal
with the publisher, for your first poster; mine accepted when I told them I
should return with many collegues if he succeeded, (and he did, and I did))
-Sometimes the mac generates PS without showpage on the last line, some
(PC) systems don't output anything until they find a 'showpage' command.

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