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In article <CQU3VY.TQ at UQUEBEC.CA>, Benoit_Hebert at IAF.UQUEBEC.CA writes:
|> JOHANNE at IRCM.UMontreal.CA wrote:
|> > This might the be the right user group but may be someone can give me a hit
|> > where to get the information.
|> > We are a VMS site and want to go on Unix.  Many program that I want to
|> > migrate talk about GCC and GNU for compiling.  What exactly is that? Is there
|> > any knowned user group for this kind of question.
|> Johanne,
|> the requirements for GCG under UNIX are available from the company. I have
|> lent a copy of the document to a colleague (Francois Shareck). The GCG suite
|> can be recompiled under UNIX without any problem. Give me a call if you have a
|> minute.
|> Benoit Hebert
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   I believe the request was for GCC which is the GNU C compiler.  GNU
software is available from prep.ai.mit.edu.  GNU stand's for GNU's Not
Unix.  It is freeware although they request a donation it is not required.
If you do not have a C compiler on your Unix box, you will have to hunt
the net for an already compiled version of GCC.  If you do have a C
compiler you do not need GCC, but it does make getting other freeware
easier as they come with makefiles set up for GNU's implementation of C.

   As for the migration from VMS to Unix, it's a tough trip, but it is
well worth it.
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