Beta Testers Wanted: CS Chem3D for Microsoft Windows

Constantin A. Rebeiz tino at VMD.CSO.UIUC.EDU
Tue Jun 7 13:35:10 EST 1994

In message 7 Jun 1994 10:42:45 -0400,
  brecher at terminator.rs.itd.umich.edu (Jonathan Brecher)  writes:

> Cambridge Scientific Computing, Inc., is preparing to enter the beta test
> period for the Microsoft Windows version of CS Chem3D.  CS Chem3D is a
> molecular modeling and visualization application that supports MM2 energy
> minimization and molecular mechanics calculations.  It can readily
> communicate not only with our own CS ChemDraw but with other programs
> such as MOPAC, SYBYL, or any program that supports the Protein Data Bank
> format.
> We have some positions available for qualified beta testers of CS Chem3D.
> If you are interested in participating in this beta, please fill out the
> following form and return it to jsb at camsci.com (or just Reply to this
> message).
> Thanks a lot.
> Jonathan Brecher
> Cambridge Scientific Computing, Inc.
> jsb at camsci.com
> Your Name: Constantin A. Rebeiz
> Company: University of Illinois, Urbana
> Mailing Address: 240 A, PABL, 1201 West Dorner,
  University of Illinois, Uraban, IL. 61801
> Shipping Address (if different):
> Phone Number: (217)-333-4726
> Fax Number: (217)-244-5625
> Electronic Address(es):Tino at VMD.CSO.UIUC.EDU
> Do you have ftp capabilities: Yes
> Do you currently have any versions of our software? (Please list): No
> CSC software which you are willing to test:
> CSC ChemDraw/Plus: yes
> CSC Chem3D/Plus: yes
> CSC ChemFinder/Plus: yes
> Testing platforms with which you are willing to work:
> Macintosh
> Windows 3.1 (Please specify operating system): Dos 6.2.
> Windows NT
> Please describe the computer system(s) on which you would be performing
> the testing.  (include computer type, operating system, printer type,
> etc.): IBM model 80 with 16MB of RAM and a read-wtite optical drive, dos
         6.2, IBM laser printer model 4019.
> Please tell us anything else you think might be relevent: I am an
         experienced user of Chemical Design ChemX, of Mopac (VMS platform
         and a DEC 3520 Workststion), of Molecular design Chembase and Isis
Constantin A. Rebeiz
Laboratory of Plant Pigment Biochemistry and Photobiology
240 A PABL, 1201 West Gregory
University of Illinois
Urbana IL. 61801

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