Lab Data collection

Scott Boone boones1 at sb.com
Mon Jun 6 20:36:29 EST 1994

At SmithKline Beecham, we are looking into moving from a VAX-based data
collection system to a more Client/Server based system.  Most of the
instruments we are trying to control are RS-232 based.  What we would like
to do is continue with either a VAX or Windows NT server with client
software running on a PC and Macintosh.

We have seen a couple products --Labstation from Fisons and Labware-- but
weren't really happy with them.  Is anyone aware of software that will do
this sort of data collection?  We would like to stay away from completely
custom environments and would definitely like to move the interface off the
VAX and onto the user's desktop.  

Right now were are using an inhouse, VAXbased system called RIGEL.

Thanks for your help...

Scott Boone
Lab Automation																														Email- boones1 at sb.com
SmithKline Beecham        																		Phone- (215) 270-6312

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