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In <rudnick.31.000D9144 at biomed.med.yale.edu>, rudnick at biomed.med.yale.edu (Gary Rudnick) writes:
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>>We are currently demo'ing a copy of a commercial primer optimization
>>program by NBI called "Oligo 4.0" that finds optimal primer sites for PCR,
>>sequencing, hybridizations etc. While this program seems to work pretty
>>nicely, we're still interested in what else is out there (and if any such
>>programs would actually be freebies, since cost is an issue). Also, we'd
>>greatly appreciate any comments on the utility and/or weaknesses of this or
>>other such programs. We'd appreciate your answers at the address
>>ktougu at mskcc.org or in this list!
>Wejust purchased Gene Runner for Windows from Hastings Software and it has an 
>excellent oligo synthesis section for PCR and sequencing primers.  It also 
>does a lot of other manipulations, especially finding good sites for 
>subcloning.  Demos are available and the academic price is $400.

My preferred software is PRIMER Designer from Scientific and Educational Software, 
P.O. Box 440, State Line PA 17263 (717) 597-5307. Avail for DOS or Windows; we've 
made scores of good primers with it. Call for a DEMO DISK. Also, get a demo of their 
Clone program (cloning simulation/DNA analysis). By far the best I've seen.

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