Wanted: gel and sequence data

Anthony Berno aberno at genome.stanford.edu
Mon Jun 6 12:41:17 EST 1994

I'm currently developing and testing software for the automatic
interpretation of electrophoresis gels from fixed-detector flourescent
sequencers, and it would be nice to have a wider variety of data to work
with than can be found in our lab. If you have any data that you are
willing to let me look at, please let me know. The sort of data I am most
interested in is:

1. The data is of good enough quality that lane tracking and/or basecalling
is at least theoretically possible.

2. The actual DNA sequence is known and available so that the results can
be evaluated quantitatively.

3. The software you are currently using does not correctly interpret the

4. The file format is available so that I can read it.

I'm particularly interested in data from "unconventional" machines that
might use less than 4 dyes, odd chemical procedures, different dyesets,

Sorry, but the software is not available for distribution yet. I'm hoping
to release a beta version at the Hilton Head conference.


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