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Peter Kulmburg kulmburg at sun1.ukl.uni-freiburg.de
Mon Jun 6 04:25:36 EST 1994

Dear netters,

here are the answers I got from my call for help with Macs and slide writers.
I am trying to get started soon, thank you all for your help.
I hope it is not against the netticette to reposte answers to mail, if so,
I apologize          Peter

From: epstein at gold.nlm.nih.gov (Jonathan Epstein)

> I would be happy to get some direct answers, if not possible, please give
> me the addresses of other newsgroups to whom I could ask my questions.

Try mac.comp.scitech.

Good luck!

- Jonathan

From: "Brian Halligan" <halligan at post.its.mcw.edu>

We use a LaserGraphics Personal LFR system.  It connects as a SCSI device
and is a 'chooser' level printer, ie. choose the slide maker as the printer
and print.  It can be connected to both a PC and Mac simultaniously.
Polaroid makes a similar system, but the resolution of the LaserGraphics
unit is better.
Brian D. Halligan                halligan at post.its.mcw.edu
Assistant Professor              414-257-8413 (voice)
Department of Microbiology       414-257-8427 (FAX)
Medical College of Wisconsin

From: "Cliff Beall" <cbeall at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu>

Dear Peter,
I saw a demo of a Polaroid system that had a "Chooser" printer driver so you
could print from any program.  I'm not sure about the networking abilities,
but you could check with them.
Cliff Beall
Research Scientist
Ohio State Biotechnology Center
beall.3 at osu.edu

From: "thomas john ryan" <tjr3 at midway.uchicago.edu>
Organization: University of Chicago

I work for a company that does this sort of thing every day.  They
are a distributor for the software/hardware that you would need.  I
can forward a toll-free USA telephone number if you wish or could have
a fax sent to you if you forward me your fax number.

Tom Ryan

From: " (Brian Robertson)" <b.robertson at imperial.ac.uk>

There is a chooser level device such a s you describe - MacRascol - for use
witht the LaserGraphics machine. The old LaserGraphics did not handle
PostScript, but I believe the new one does, but I think it it is expensive.
There is a dealer in Deutschland, VTE I think, but I suggest you contact
Juergen Loeschinger at the Max-Planck in Tuebingen, Schwabenland, where I
used to work. They have a LaserGraphics LFR and he should be able to tell
more you more about how it works, as well as the details of the dealer.


>From derda at dogwood.botany.uga.edu Wed Jun  1 20:40:59 1994


We have a few slidemakers (Polaroid, LaserGraphics) here in the Department of
Botany, University of Georgia (USA).  Both brands come with Mac SCSI and PC
connectors (Polaroid is LPT, other is dedicated card w/ cable for PC).
Regardless of the platform, there is software with each that allows you to
install drivers on other machines, then while on those machines (say a Mac),
pick the driver from chooser, print to it from you application, and it will
make PS files that you then take to the Mac with the slidemaker - at that Mac,
you copy the files into a specified print queue folder, and tell it to print.
The Polaroid model is the easiest to use.  I think it cost about $8,000 US.
Let me know if you need more info.


>From cummins at possum.murdoch.edu.au Thu Jun  2 02:22:18 1994

I've been making slides for some years using PowerPoint (now up to version
3.0).  You can also use Aldus Persuasion.  I don't know of any way to
produce slides directly from the system-it would be nice.  Even through PP
one needs intermediate software  to queue the images through a slide maker.

Yours, virtually

Jim Cummins

From: "GEORGE HOLT, ICRF, LONDON, UK" <g_holt at icrf.icnet.uk>
tor which is not a postscript level programme.

Using an intermediate piece of queueing software is common practice with film
recorders, chooser level drivers as you seem to want are quite rare. I once had
a Montage with a chooser driver but it never seemed to work. I can't speak from
personal experience with the ImagePro but don't write off postscript until
you've checked out third party software like Freedom of Press and Professional
Output Manager which offer postscript and may well include drivers to support
the ImagePro. Both packages come in various grades, 'lite' to high end film
recorder, depending on the drivers you require. I would guess the ImagePro to
be a low end film recorder, compared to the Solitare bureau film recorders, so
you should be able to get away with a cheap version. Freedom of Press, I think,
does postscript only but VBS Professional Output Manager handles PICT,
Scrapbook, EPS and Postscript.

Also have a look at the Lasergraphics range, the software that comes with them
may have some ps support and a chooser driver is always worth asking about.

We have a Management Graphics Sapphire film recorder and use the hideously
expensive version of Professional Output Manager to drive it. The latest
version has the ability to nominate an appleshare folder into which networked
contributers may dump images for slidemaking. When you start POM it will look
in this folder and automatically image anything it can in it. This is about as
close as you come to networking the film recorder. With our setup images are
generated all over the organisation, using Persuasion, Macdraw etc., and
transferred to me either by sneakernet (floppy discs) by appleshare or
occaisionally by ftp. I collate them onto queues and return the finished slides
by post. These files can be pict, scrapbook, eps or postscript and come from
macs, pcs and various flavours of unix machines. The system generally works
well without the need for direct network access to the film recorder.

From: "Howard Thistlewood, Agriculture Canada" <THISTLE at ONRSVI.AGR.CA>

If you have any helpful replies to your request please post a summary on the
net or I would appreciate if copies were forwarded to me.

We have a system linking VAX and IBM PCs through a file server and I would like
to get Macs hooked up more directly or easily.

Presently, on the Mac side we use PlotterGeist from Palomar software which can
be used with any software package as it is reached through the print command as
a chooser-selectable driver.

PlotterGeist saves the output as an HPGL file, and it is then sent through our
VAX/PC network to the film plane recorder, which accepts Laser Language and
HPGL file formats.

Palomar Software Inc.
2964 Oceanside Blvd. Suite D
Oceanside, California 92054

Palomar at applelink.apple.com

From: "Robin Beech" <Robin_Beech at maclan.mcgill.ca>

I have recently bought the Colorfast II system which connects to the Mac via
the SCSI interface and prints high quality colour slides at about one every 4
minutes. The computer sees it as a generic printer which understands
postscript so any application can print directly. The system can be set up so
that the Mac it is connected to talks to the others via a network and acts as
a print server so every one can print. If you need the details of the system
let me know.

Peter KULMBURG (    MacName: ktl110.ukl.uni-freiburg.de)
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