Mac C compiler software

Scott Howard scott at phylo.life.uiuc.edu
Mon Jun 6 08:40:03 EST 1994

Dave Mark has at least three books out on the subject. The material covered is
adequate, but half of the book is filled with source code listings that you
have to type in yourself. Worse yet, a good deal of the code has errors in it.
You can send in for a code disk, but turnaround time for actually getting the
disk is about three months, if the experiences of coworkers is any

There is a better book out by Thom Hogan covering the basics of C programming
on the Mac. Source code disk included.

Both books suffer from their dependence on THINK C/Symantec.

CodeWarrior from Metrowerks is superior to Symantec's product(s) in terms of
price, compilation speed, and speed & stability of code generated. However,
there are no current editions of 'How to' books that utilize the CodeWarrior
development system as of this writing.

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