Mac C compiler software

Don Gilbert gilbertd at sunflower.bio.indiana.edu
Mon Jun 6 07:44:15 EST 1994

Symantec's "Think C" and C++ integrated development enviroment is
the most commonly used Mac compiler.  It is similar to Borland's
MS Windows C/C++ i.d.e.  I prefer the Mac/Symantec i.d.e. for my main

Another Mac C/C++ i.d.e. to seriously consider is MetroWerk's CodeWarrior.
They are new but have gotten lots of good comments (Symantec has
a history of shipping somewhat buggy programs).  CodeWarrior currently
has versions for PowerPC as well as 68000 code while Symantec's 
doesn't yet support PowerPC (unless I missed an upgrade notice).  
CodeWarrior may be a bit faster also.

The third commonly available Mac development environment is
Apple's MPW workshop, which includes C, C++ and a few other options.
Stay away from this one -- it when from being the best Mac dev.
platform several years back to the worst currently (very slow,
recent advancements are almost nil, although there is a PowerPC
development kit for it).

Sorry I don't have addresses for these products, but they are available
thru usual Mac mailorder software companies like MacWarehouse
& MacConnection (see ads in back of mac magazines).

I don't have any suggestions for books.

-- don

Oh, here is part of a Metrowerk's info-ad.  You can e-mail them at
	Ron Liechty mwron at aol.com Metrowerks Inc.
For International orders, Educational discounts:
        BookMasters    U.S./Canada:   1-800-247-6553
                       International:   1-419-281-1802
                       Fax No.:   1-419-281-6883
Educational pricing is: Gold $99.00 US, Silver $79.00, US Bronze $59.00 US
(gold==powerpc & 68000 versions, silver==powerpc only,bronze==68K only)

-- d.gilbert--biocomputing--indiana u--bloomington--gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu

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