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Sun Jun 5 17:19:17 EST 1994

In article: <prm.722.480BF860 at aber.ac.uk>  prm at aber.ac.uk (Pedro Mendes) writes:
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> Why ic it that most people relate computers in biology to database management 
> and sequence analysis? There is a lot more being done with computers in 
> biological sciences. I spend my time modelling steady-state and 
> dynamic behaviour of biochemical systems. This equates to a lot of processor 
> time solving differential equations and then using the computer to analyse the 
> simulated data (plotting, etc.).
>  Very similar applications (also modelling and solving diff. equations) are 
> made by ecologists, population biologists and others (yes, _even_ 
> some molecular biologists think quantitatively, although a small minority).
> Pedro Mendes
> prm at aber.ac.uk

Sure there's lots that you, I and the rest of the world do with computers in biology,
but the original question asked for a definition of bioinformatics, not computational
biology !

Steve Gardner

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