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Benoit_Hebert at IAF.UQUEBEC.CA wrote:
: JOHANNE at IRCM.UMontreal.CA wrote:
: > This might the be the right user group but may be someone can give me a hit 
: > where to get the information.
: > We are a VMS site and want to go on Unix.  Many program that I want to
: > migrate talk about GCC and GNU for compiling.  What exactly is that? Is there
: > any knowned user group for this kind of question.

: the requirements for GCG under UNIX are available from the company. I have 
: lent a copy of the document to a colleague (Francois Shareck). The GCG suite 
: can be recompiled under UNIX without any problem. Give me a call if you have a 
: minute.

Seems something is mixed up here. Johanne writes about GCC and GNU. GNU is
a (recursive) acronym for "GNU's Not Unix" :-). This acronym is, as far as
I understand it, kind of a "trademark" for the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
which provides software with source code, often for free, always under a
certain kind of license (the GPL = Gnu Public License). GCC is the GNU
C compiler. It is available for a lot of platforms (even VMS, I think :-).

Benoit talks about GCG. GCG is a software package for analyzing sequence
data and has nothing to do with GNU or GCC (GCG is an acronym for "Genetics
Computer Group").

--Cornelius (not a computer scientist or involved in computer maintenance).

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