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Pedro Mendes prm at aber.ac.uk
Fri Jun 3 05:14:23 EST 1994

steve at gardner.demon.co.uk (Steve & Rowan Gardner) writes:
>For what its worth, the best I could come up with for my thesis was....

>Bioinformatics is the field that marries computational information 
>management techniques with an understanding and appreciation
>of the significance of biological data.  Bioinformatic databases store,
>retrieve, manipulate and correlate biological data from diverse 
>sources, providing efficient and flexible scanning tools to identify
>biologically significant similarities.

Why is it that most people relate computers in biology to database management 
and sequence analysis? There is a lot more being done with computers in 
biological sciences. I spend my time modelling steady-state and 
dynamic behaviour of biochemical systems. This equates to a lot of processor 
time solving differential equations and then using the computer to analyse the 
simulated data (plotting, etc.).

 Very similar applications (also modelling and solving diff. equations) are 
made by ecologists, population biologists and others (yes, _even_ 
some molecular biologists think quantitatively, although a small minority).

Pedro Mendes
prm at aber.ac.uk

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