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JOHANNE at IRCM.UMontreal.CA writes:

> We are a VMS site and want to go on Unix.  Many program that I want to
> migrate talk about GCC and GNU for compiling.  What exactly is that? Is there
> any knowned user group for this kind of question.


Yes you are, and in spades.  VMS and Unix bear about as much
resemblance as English and Chinese: they're both operating systems, but
their underlying premises are completely different.  GCC is the most
commonly used C compiler for Unix; GNU  is the source of GCC and EMACS,
most peoples "favorite" Unix text editor.

There are quite a few news groups for C and Unix.  You might start with
comp.lang.c, comp.unix.admin, comp.unix.misc (or any other
comp.unix...).  Since the dialects of Unix for different machines are
different, you may want to check out the news group(s) associated with
the type of hardware you're moving to, comp.unix.osf or comp.unix.aux,
for example.

I hope this helps.

Suzanne Clewley
clewley at wi.mit.edu

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