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Dr. P.G.G. Miller pmiller at liverpool.ac.uk
Fri Jun 3 12:43:14 EST 1994

Andrew Hobbs (andrewh at uniwa.uwa.edu.au) wrote:
: Hi,  

: Some time ago (last year) I saw reference to a gopher site which
: contained a database of educational software; reviews, publishers etc.
: I did log onto it and did some preliminary browsing but it was badly
: out of date.  It had the promise that it was being rewritten.  In the
: meantime I have lost the address, the original message and my backup,
: and I can't find any indication of its existence using gopher.  I think
: it was in the UK somewhere.  I would appreciate it if someone could help
: me by giving me some directions. 

: Thanks in advance for any help

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:       *     Andrew  Hobbs                               *     *

You may have been looking at the CTI Centre for Biology's gopher on
gopher.csc.liv.ac.uk, port 70. As you say, much of the info is
circa 1991 though it will be updated shortly when we get some staff
(we have about 0.75 of a person at present). The gopher itself is
located on a machine in our local computer science dept and was
not accessible 5 mins ago -- I don't know why. 

We (or more correctly 0.25 of I) also have a nascent W3 service which
tells you a bit about what's going on in computers and education in the 
UK. The URL is:-


As of a month or so hence we should have a person working full-time in
this area (albeit only for a year).


Peter Miller
CTI Centre for Biology
University of Liverpool

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