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>We are currently demo'ing a copy of a commercial primer optimization
>program by NBI called "Oligo 4.0" that finds optimal primer sites for PCR,
>sequencing, hybridizations etc. While this program seems to work pretty
>nicely, we're still interested in what else is out there (and if any such
>programs would actually be freebies, since cost is an issue). Also, we'd
>greatly appreciate any comments on the utility and/or weaknesses of this or
>other such programs. We'd appreciate your answers at the address
>ktougu at mskcc.org or in this list!

Wejust purchased Gene Runner for Windows from Hastings Software and it has an 
excellent oligo synthesis section for PCR and sequencing primers.  It also 
does a lot of other manipulations, especially finding good sites for 
subcloning.  Demos are available and the academic price is $400.
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