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Sun Jul 31 07:59:10 EST 1994

In article <315lbf$m9m at osiris.wu-wien.ac.at>, seb at i102pc1.vu-wien.ac.at (Sebastian W. Bunka) writes:
> Where can I find a (the sources) sequence editor like "esee"
> for U*IX (Linux; gcc / ansi compiler) ?

There is a copy of GDE (genetics data environment) 2.1 that works under
Linux using X-windows.  It is a bit flakey in my hands but it is also
not the latest version.  I got the binaries from a site in Montreal Canada
but I don't recall the internet address.  I also tried to compile a
newer version of GDE (2.2) without success.  If I could make GDE do all
that it promises it would be great.  Given that I have problems with
it, it is still useful.

Marty Ball
mball at ac.dal.ca

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