Win3.1 software to produce bar graphs with I-beam markers?

M.Johan Broekman mjbroek at mail.med.cornell.edu
Sat Jul 30 11:17:33 EST 1994

Lawrence B. Afrin, M.D. (afrinl at honc.mhs.musc.edu) wrote:
: Does anybody know of any graphing software for the Microsoft Windows 
: environment that can put together a bar graph in which (a) the bars are 
: filled and (b) an I-beam spans the upper end of the bar to indicate 
: either the range, standard deviation, or some other statistic with regard 
: to the data whose mean (or median, or whatever) the bar itself 
: represents?  Shareware/freeware of course preferable over commercialware. 
: Oh, and can it export the graph to one of the common graphics file 
: formats (e.g., CGM, TIFF, EPS, PCX, etc. etc. etc.) for subsequent import 
: into a word processor?  And gee, while we're at it, can it 
: logarithmically scale both the y and x axes?

I use SlideWrite for Windows v2.1.  It is a great package with excellent
support, but does cost.  Ask for a demo from Neil Wittering at Advanced 
Graphics , 5825 Avenida Encinas, Suite 105, Carlsbad, CA 92008-9690, USA.
voice 619 931-1919. Europe: +31 1804 30000.

I have used Aldus Persuausion for slide preparation, but often ended up
pasting SW graphics into this business slide package, as it (Persuasion)
didn't do what SW did beautifully!  Now with SW 2.1, Persuasion (no
support, unless you PAY), is obsolete as fa as I am concerned.

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