Win3.1 software to produce bar graphs with I-beam markers?

Lawrence B. Afrin, M.D. afrinl at honc.mhs.musc.edu
Fri Jul 29 17:32:40 EST 1994

Does anybody know of any graphing software for the Microsoft Windows 
environment that can put together a bar graph in which (a) the bars are 
filled and (b) an I-beam spans the upper end of the bar to indicate 
either the range, standard deviation, or some other statistic with regard 
to the data whose mean (or median, or whatever) the bar itself 
represents?  Shareware/freeware of course preferable over commercialware. 
Oh, and can it export the graph to one of the common graphics file 
formats (e.g., CGM, TIFF, EPS, PCX, etc. etc. etc.) for subsequent import 
into a word processor?  And gee, while we're at it, can it 
logarithmically scale both the y and x axes?

Horizontal example of the kind of bar I want to generate (I'm typing this 
with a monospace font, so it will probably look goofy if your newsreader 
is using a proportional font):

|                                    |
| (box interior filled               |
|  with selectable color)     |------+---|
|                                    |
|                                    |

I've looked at CoreCHART! 3.0, Harvard Graphics 2.0, Quattro Pro for 
Windows 5.0, Excel 4.0, Systat 5.0, the Chart facility in WordPerfect 
6.0a, and GnuPlot 3.5, and none of them appears to meet my specs.  
GnuPlot came closest, but the version I have (is 3.5 the latest?) doesn't 
have an option to fill the bars -- all you get is a rectangular outline 
for each bar.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Larry Afrin
Hollings Cancer Center
Medical University of South Carolina
afrinl at honc.mhs.musc.edu

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