How to decode uuencoded TIFF files?

Russell Smith smith at cbrsgi.med.harvard.edu
Fri Jul 29 10:37:41 EST 1994

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> Hi,
>            I use Macs in the lab.  I need to look at a uuencoded TIFF
> diagram that I received as part of an email message in my account on a UNIX
> machine.  How do I decode this file for viewing?   What software should I
> use and where can I find it (ie FTP sites).  Thanks in advance.


The easiest way to do this is to decode it on the UNIX host, then transfer
the TIFF file to the mac.

On the UNIX box:
1) Save the message as  a file ( for example "diagram").  Look at the
uuencoded part.   It should start with a line like:
begin 644 xyz
where xyz is the name of the decoded file. 
2) Enter "uudecode diagram".  A file named xyz should appear in the same
directory.  This is the tiff file.
3) Transfer the file to the mac.  Use FTP, in binary mode. If your mac FTP
program supports it, set the filetype to "TIFF".

On the mac:
4) Open the tiff file with a mac program that can handle tiff files (most
drawing programs can).  If you did not set the filetype in (3) above, you
may have to explicitly tell the program that it is a tiff file.

Hope this helps,


Russell Smith
Center for Blood Research
Harvard Medical School
smith at cbrsgi.med.harvard.edu

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