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> Here's a question....:
> 	Why does it cost so damn much to get software for the PC (or MAC)
> to do DNA sequence analysis? --
   Although many people here are speaking in support of the software
companies I won't.  For the most part the DNA analysis software
suppliers are greedy self serving S.O.B.s.

   Were you aware that GCG was originally distributed by the
University of Wisconsin on a cost recovery basis?  That is
until the other companies filed a lawsuit and forced a separation
between GCG and the UW thus driving the cost up.

   Did you also know that when NCBI stated that it wanted to 
develop tools for DNA analysis, the software companies once
again went on the attack and through intensive lobbying and
payoffs in congress they managed to make NCBI drop its plans
or else lose take a budget hit.

   FastA (Blast) was originally supposed to be included with
the NCBI Entrez program.  Guess what?  The pinheads forced this
to be dropped also.

   I find it truly amazing that these software companies freely
use algorithims developed with taxpayer money yet are so 
arrogent in their ways.


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