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> Here's a question....:
> 	Why does it cost so damn much to get software for the PC (or MAC)
> to do DNA sequence analysis? --

<cursus and a few thoughts deleted> 

> I think that the software industry is taking advantage of the
> grant-writewr's money...sucking up to places such as the NIH for large
> contracts...telling them that there is nothing better available....

So why don't we support the PD and shareware domain and abandon the
programs that cost milions?

There are programs that are (almost) free, work quite acceptable up to
(almost) perfect, and they can be improved by our stimulation of the hard
work of the authors. 
Now the only thing we have to do is to tell the world how satisfied we are
with the existence of this kind of software, and the bosses of the authors
in particular. A more active role can be played in a good bug report. I've
seen this happening for an image processing program NIH-Image, that can
compete with many commercially avaiable programs.
SeqApp is quite a handy tool to do the labour-intensive hand-work for DNA

I'd say Hurray for the author(s) of NIH-Image and SeqApp.
Anybody else?

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