prettybox and boxshade

Jarmo Niemi jarnie at utu.fi
Mon Jul 25 01:34:52 EST 1994

schoenbaechl at urz.unibas.ch (schoenbaechl at urz.unibas.ch) wrote:
> Hi,

> I'm desperately trying to get either boxshade or prettybox to run on vms.
> I got the prettybox.txt file, 'cut' it apart to give me the 4 programs with the
> extensions .doc, .txt, .cmd and .for. I then tried to compile the .for file
> with the vms compiler, but only got tons (13) error messages. Please help me,

I translated prettybox on our VAX, and got several error messages of the type
"Variable xxx defined but not used". Nevertheless, the object file was
produced properly, and the program ran fine.

Remember, that you have to link using GENLINK instead of LINK (and you have
to have started GCG before trying Genlink).

Jarmo Niemi,Biochemistry,U.of Turku,jarnie at utu.fi,http://www.utu.fi/~jarnie/

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