Network services (Finland)

Rob Harper harper at convex.csc.FI
Fri Jul 22 05:11:30 EST 1994

Surprise surprise, not everyone has a workstation or Xwindows, and many
scientists only have simple vt100 emulation on their desktop machine.
They read about www, gopher, archie, etc, but due to hardware or software
limitations they can not get at any of the goodies on the net. There are
not many "public access" sites that allow you to open up a telnet session
and then choose from the most popular services on the net today.

Well for anyone who can open up a telnet session you can now play
with the big boys even though your equipment is from the last decade.
Give the command:

telnet info.funet.fi

and you will be presented with the following menu.

--------------------------- clip --------------------------
        Finnish University and Research Network FUNET

                     Information Service

The following information services are available:

gopher       Menu-based global information tool
www          World Wide Web, Global hypertext web
wais         Wide Area Information Server, global databases on
             on different topics
x500         X.500 clients are on  nic.funet.fi, login: dua, no password
archie       Database of Internet Archive contents
exit         Exit FUNET information services

  ** Do NOT attempt to MAIL to yourself from Lynx et.al. **
  ** unless you are absolutely positive that the address **
  ** you enter for yourself will work!  Postmaster gets  **
  ** too much junk at the moment!                        **
--------------------------- clip --------------------------

If you want to use gopher then just type the following commands as
illustrated in the clip

------------------------- clip -----------------------
Select service (gopher/www/wais/archie/exit) ? gopher

Select Gopher interface:

gopher       VT100-based gopher interface

Select interface (return for back to main menu) ? gopher

Supported terminal types are:
       vt100, xterm

Please enter your terminal type (xterm) ? vt100
------------------------- clip -----------------------

And you will then be able to use gopher to get out into gopher-space.
The main menu looks like this:

--------------------------- clip --------------------------
                 Root gopher server: gopher.funet.fi

 -->  1.  -------------------- GOPHER.FUNET.FI top menu --------------------.
      2.  Finnish University and Research Network (FUNET)/
      3.  Finnish Gopher in English/
      4.  Suomen gopherit (finnish)/
      5.  Palvelut (finnish)/
      6.  -------------------- Things outside of Finland -------------------.
      7.  NORDUnet information at GOPHER.NORDU.NET/
      8.  Nordic countries Gopher roots/
      9.  Other Gophers/Gopher things/services/
      10. ------------------------------------------------------------------.
--------------------------- clip --------------------------

If you want to get onto the World Wide Web then you choose the
options www, lynx, and vt100.

------------------------- clip -----------------------
Select service (gopher/www/wais/archie/exit) ? www

Select World Wide Web interface:

lynx         VT100-based World Wide Web browser

Select interface (return for back to main menu) ? lynx

Supported terminal types are:
       vt100, xterm

Please enter your terminal type (xterm) ? vt100
------------------------- clip -----------------------

Which will start a lynx browser for you. The highlight should be
positioned over the word "here" and if you hit <CR> you should get
the english version of the Funet homepage

------------------------- clip ----------------------------

   FUNET Information services in english are here.
------------------------- clip ----------------------------

The "tab" key in lynx should move you through the hotspots
in the document. The cursor keys should also work when jumping
back and forth between hypertext links.

Test out the other services... and I hope your work will benifit from
getting out into the big wide world.

Rob "the internet is a big box of chocolates" Harper

 R. Andrew Harper                  E-mail:          harper at convex.csc.fi    
 Center for Scientific Computing   Molbio/software: harper at nic.funet.fi
 Tietotie 6, P.O. Box 405          Telephone:       +358 0 457 2076
 SF-02101 Espoo Finland            Fax:             +358 0 457 2302

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