prettybox and boxshade

Michael Coyne mjcoyne at warren.med.harvard.edu
Thu Jul 21 09:42:42 EST 1994

In article <1994Jul19.152149.43895 at yogi>, schoenbaechl at urz.unibas.ch wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm desperately trying to get either boxshade or prettybox to run on vms.
> I got the prettybox.txt file, 'cut' it apart to give me the 4 programs with the
> extensions .doc, .txt, .cmd and .for. I then tried to compile the .for file
> with the vms compiler, but only got tons (13) error messages. Please help me,
> I'm not a programmer, so i actually don't have any experiences dealing with
> compilers or source codes.
> For boxshade, the zoo archive i got from nic.fi.funet has some directory entry
> errors. 
> Thank you for some hints for the above (stupid?) problems,
> 				Mark

I recently convinced the system administrators at Massachusetts General
Hospital to install prettybox on the VAX systems they have available for
researcher's use.  Though I did not personally install the software,
neither did I hear of any problems, so I assume the installation went

I got the program as a response to an e-mail question I sent to GCG (I
don't recall the exact address to which I sent the help request, but it was
something simple, like help at gcg.com or info at gcg.com.  If you can't find the
address, let me know and I'll attempt to track it down for you).

I assume what they sent me was the latest version, and, as I said, there
were no installation problems that I'm aware of.

I hesitate to include the e-mail address of my system administrators (they
are quite busy enough catering to the demands of this research community
:)), but if you have specific questions about installation (after you're
sure you have the latest version), forward them to me and I'll see if I can
get you an answer from them.


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