looking for Plasmid Artist

Paula Burch pburch at roc.mbcr.bcm.tmc.edu
Thu Jul 21 15:40:40 EST 1994

We're looking for the MacIntosh program Plasmid Artist; all
we have are a couple of useless disks, dated 1988, with
the author's name, Alan Roter, and the company name GeneSystems,
but the phone number given doesn't work and directory 
assistance in Palo Alto doesn't list the company name.

Does anyone have any information of any sort on this program?
We'd be very grateful for assistance.

Paula E. Burch, Ph.D.           Molecular Biology Computational Resource
Baylor College of Medicine      phone: (713)798-6023  fax: (713)798-4279
Houston, Texas 77030                        internet: pburch at bcm.tmc.edu

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