NetEntrez and Mosaic

risler at cgmvax.cgm.cnrs-gif.fr risler at cgmvax.cgm.cnrs-gif.fr
Wed Jul 20 04:08:50 EST 1994

Hi Cyberspace Gurus,

I have two problems trying to run NetEntrez and Mosaic on my PC, maybe some 
of you have experienced the same and could help me.

My PC is a 486 DX50 with 16 Mb RAM. I run the TCP/IP stack CHAMELEON from 
Netmanage (version 4.0). The WINSOCK.DLL is from Chameleon.

TELNET, FTP and GOPHER run perfectly well.

1) I've installed MOSAIC without any problem and MOSAIC runs fine ... 
   except that I can't save any file. The SAVE and SAVE AS... options in 
   the FILE menu remain desperately dim. Not really a big problem since I 
   can turn to Gopher, but...

2) more troubles with NetEntrez. The IP number of my PC is regularly 
   registered at NCBI. Now, when I want to configure the program with 
   Netentcf and try to connect to the dispatcher, the answer is "can't 
   access the dispatcher", even if the dispatcher address is explicitely 
   its IP number. In the very same room, just behind me, NetEntrez runs 
   fine on a SGI linked to the same local network. In the room next to mine
   it runs fine on a Mac. Hence I don't think the problem comes from our 
   network or DNS.
   As usual, Jonathan Epstein from NCBI responded immediately to my help 
   message, but couldn't find the reason.

Have you got any idea?

Thank you,


Jean-Loup Risler                     Tel:  (33 1) 69 82 31 34
CNRS                                 Fax:  (33 1) 69 07 49 73
Centre de Genetique Moleculaire	     Email: risler at cgmvax.cgm.cnrs-gif.fr
91198 Gif sur Yvette Cedex  France    

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