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Julian Parkhill J.Parkhill at bham.ac.uk
Wed Jul 20 10:49:53 EST 1994

In article <1994Jul19.152149.43895 at yogi>, schoenbaechl at urz.unibas.ch wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm desperately trying to get either boxshade or prettybox to run on vms.
> I got the prettybox.txt file, 'cut' it apart to give me the 4 programs with the
> extensions .doc, .txt, .cmd and .for. I then tried to compile the .for file
> with the vms compiler, but only got tons (13) error messages. Please help me,
> I'm not a programmer, so i actually don't have any experiences dealing with
> compilers or source codes.

When I got prettybox, I had a similar problem.
You need to watch out for two things -
1) make sure that wahatever you have used to transfer/edit the file has not
wrapped around any of the long comment lines, and thereby introduced new
Generally, no line in the fortran program should have characters in the
first position, other than ! or a number.

2) there should be no lines at the end of the program files, mine initially
had extra lines, both blank and with full stops on them. These threw the
compiler completely. The last line in prettybox.for should be:

       End   ! of InitPost

Once those problems are sorted out then prettybox is a pretty good program
very useful

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