codon-usage in macmolly

Sean David Moore smoore at mail.sas.upenn.edu
Tue Jul 19 15:32:16 EST 1994

I am having a strange problem:

If I geet a sequence from genebank, and enter it into macmolly for
analysis...one of the things I may do is to translate the coding region
into protein.   Why does the amino-acid sequence not match  the one provided
by gene-bank.  Yes, I made sure the codon-usage was for the organism I was
working with...

for example...Sacc. cereviciea MRP-7 DNA sequence...fing coding region,
translate...doesn't work..

how do I check the genebank protein seq. to see what codon usage they used?

 Sean Moore

VAMC Philadelphia,
Medical College of Pennsylvania,
and the University of Pennsylvania...
...all wrapped-up into one dude.

smoore at sas.upenn.edu

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