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Peter Gegenheimer peterg at rnaworld.bio.ukans.edu
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In <30dhr7$6f5 at cri.ens-lyon.fr>, deleage at bugatti.ibcp.fr (deleage at ibcp.fr) writes:
>To all people interested in antheprot. Please get the EXE files in binary
The programs are also available by Gopher.  I didn't try this, but it would be easier than ftp.  

>Dear Peter Gegenheimer,
>I have just read your article in bionet.software dealing with your antheprot
>installation procedure. First, I think that the IBMrs6000 should work and if
>not, it may comes from your site as well!!!
>As the author of ANTHEPROT for PC, I am surprised you give your opinion on a
>software you don't succeed to install!!!
^^ Sorry, that was my opinion of the installation.

>May I suggest you to get the EXE files in binary mode rather than in ascII
>mode as you did!!!!
>There are about 200 labs in the world that are using our program....
>That 's all folks!
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Folks, now that I have successfully installed AnTheProt, here are a few comments. 
The design of the structure prediction programs is especially nice.  The use of boxes/lines to 
highlight regions of helix, sheet, coil, & turn is very helpful.  The ability to scroll through
the plot of a sequence profile and see the residue names highlighted, or find out which 
residues start and end a helix (for example), is likewise thoughtful and useful.  I know of no 
other package which has this combination of features.  

Two inconveniences should be noted. The program itself, the install.bat file, and the
default.bas file actually want to have Antheprot installed in 'c:\antheprot\',
which is not a valid DOS path name. DOS will simply treat this as 'anthepro' without
complaint. This also makes it nearly impossible to put the Antheprot subdirectory inside your 
protein analysis directory, etc. Certain other path names are tolerated, apparently if they are
less than 12 -15 characters long and contain 'anthepro'. Also, the PDB viewer does not run
properly in a DOS session under OS/2. You could use Prekin/Kinemages, RasWin, etc. as a viewer.

One should probably print out the all *.hlp files and read them first, to save time when using 
the package. Play around a while to get a feel for how things work. 

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