Amino acid frequency analysis

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In article <305rac$jku at owl.und.ac.za>, pearton at unpsun1.cc.unp.ac.za (Dave Pearton) says:
>About three years ago I came across a program that analysed the frequency
>amino acids with in a protein and compared them to the statistical average
>frequency of amino acid usage in a particular organism.  I, unfortunately,
>have no access to the machine that I used at that time and cannot remember
>the name of the programme, or where I can get hold of it.
>The program was public domain and worked on Unix platforms (I succesfully
>compiled it on a sun).
>Does anyone have any idea of the program name, where I can get hold of it,
>or has the reference (there was a paper cited)?  If so could you please pass
>on the information to me, via e-mail preferably.
>Thanks in advance.
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There is a very nice program on the mac called Codonuse by C.Halling 
C-halling at uchicago.edu UWE

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