dos program to estimate fractal dimension

Mon Jul 18 14:12:45 EST 1994

Hello all,
I'm looking for a program to estimate the fractal dimension of 3-D images.
I tried to ftp FD3 from lyapunov.ucsd.edu because I heard that this
program can do that. The problem is that what I got is a tar file and it
won't extract (I've tryed three versions of tar extracting programs).
Can any one provide a copy of FD3 ready to use on MSDOS or any help,
suggestion, comments, etc. I will  even accept some words of reassurance:-)

Thanks for your attention

Juan A. Balbuena
Department of Animal Biology, University of Valencia, Spain.
phone: +34 6 386 43 75   fax: +34 6 386 43 72
e-mail: balbuena at vm.ci.uv.es  or  BALBUENA at EVALUN11.BITNET

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