Macintosh/powerpc DNA analysis packages

Dr. P.L. Taylor ptaylor at crc.ac.uk
Fri Jul 15 04:27:39 EST 1994

>I am interested in purchasing a software package for the Mac platform.
>Does anyone know how the introduction of the powerpc will effect the
>availability of new products?  Could someone direct me to older reviews
>of what's out there, or new opinions.  Thanks.

I don't think the PPC will seriously affect the development of new sequence
analysis software for the Mac.  PPC emulation mode is very good - almost all
existing software seems to run, the only exceptions being software which
requires a floating point coprocessor.  My own program, GeneJockeyII runs OK,
(at least version 1.1 or later does), and on an 8100/80, performance is
about the same as on a Quadra 840 AV.

I will be making a PPC native version in due course, but it's likely to 
happen piecemeal, with the time-critical routines (database searching,
alignments, dot plots) going first.  Text editing etc. will probably remain
in 68K code for a long time, since there is no advantage in making it
native (and it's a lot of work).  I imagine other program's authors will
approach the problem in a similar way, so we will see a gradual improvement
in performance rather than anything revolutionary.

As regards reviews, you could look at Peter Markiewicz macreviews (although
they are quite out of date).  You will find them on ftp.embl-heidelberg.de
/pub/software/mac/macreview.1 & macreview.2.  In the same place, you will
find demos of several commercial programs, including GeneJockeyII, GeneWorks
and MacVector. These are also (always) out of date, so if you want to try out
the latest versions you should contact the distributors.

Hope this helps.

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