Multi-Sequence Blasting beta 1 release

Rao Parasa parasa at alw.nih.gov
Thu Jul 14 14:35:24 EST 1994

A beta release of Multible Sequence Blast (MSBLAST) package is available 
on milo.dcrt.nih.gov ( under /pub/msblast/beta1. The beta 
version is for Sun 4's running SunOS 4.1.x and requires X11R4/R5. Binaries
are compiled statically and requires about 2MB of disk space. 

README for msblast:

msblast provides an X-window user interface for specifying one or more packed
FASTA formatted sequence files and a combination of blast programs 
(BLASTN/BLASTX or TBLASTN/BLASTP). Blasting is performed sequentially as 
a background process. 

Also, BoB (Blast Output Browser) release 1.03 is now avialable via FTP from
milo.dcrt.nih.gov under /pub/bob/R1.03. Binary distributions for the following 
architectures and the source code are posted:
        Sun 4's running SunOS 4.1.x
        Hewlett Packard PA-RISC, HP/UX 9.x
        DECstations running Ultrix 4.3
        Convex C38 running ConvexOS 10.2 
        SGI workstations running IRIX 4.0.5 System V
        DEC OSF/1 V1.3 

BoB is an X window application to browse through blast output results from 
either NCBI Blast server or DNA workbench server. This program is most useful 
in an environment where "bulk" Blast processing is done (for example cDNA 
projects).  The user can choose to browse one or two blast output files 
simultaneously (for example blastn and blastx). While browsing through 
results, the user can simultaneously view alignments, view the blast output 
file, view the actual database entry and selectively choose the hits to 

Release notes for 1.03:
BTAB program is modified so that it can parse the output from the BLITZ email
server.  People using the BLITZ email server can now use 'BoB' to browse the
results. (It works, but we consider this experimental, also we don't provide
a way to seperate email results into seperate files)

BoB program is modified to improve handling of the GenInfo (GI) ID format in
NCBI blast output (i.e. gi|408214|gb|S64725|S64725). This is only significant
when attempting to retrieve a database entry with BoB.  Also, the retrieve
scripts are modified to recognize and handle GI format.

Retrieve script utilizing Mosaic's remote control is modified to specify
a simpler, more efficient URL into the NCBI database server.

Any problems, suggestions or comments please mail to:
        John Powell, jip at helix.nih.gov	(or)
	Rao Parasa, parasa at alw.nih.gov

------- Rao

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