MAC reference/bibliography programs

Patrick Weix weix at netcom.com
Thu Jul 14 11:15:55 EST 1994

mikel at vaxc.cc.monash.edu.au writes:

>Hi there,

>I was wondering if anyone could help me with reference/bibliography managers
>for the Mac. I am about to udertake the writing of my PhD thesis and was 
>wondering if anyone could tell me about the ins and outs of various programs
>that are available.
>Any help would be appreciated

This should be made into a bionet.software FAQ! Would anyone be
willing to undertake such a task? If not, I will compile the results of
past responses. I have used Endnote for the Mac, Ref Man for the Mac
and the PC, student and professional versions, and BIBTeX, for which I
wrote my own datapase tools in perl. (BIBTeX is used only with TeX
software systems.) 

Endnote is by far the best for the Mac. It lets you keep multiple
reference libraries. It lets you format your document in place, so
that if you change your format choice you can unformat your paper and
then reformat it. Most others require you to have two versions of the
paper: the formated one and the source. The bad thing is that it
doesn't yet work with MacWrite Pro (a minor consideration). The other
drawback is that it only imports from two other formats, neither of
which is medline. That is ridiculous. There is a free program, called
endnotetranslator, which translates medline files into a format that
Endnote can import. Or you can pay Niles & Assoc. $99 for a tiny
little program to do the same thing.

I like Ref Man on the PC better than I did the Mac version, but maybe
that was because they changed the feel of the interface. 

                                             weix at netcom.com

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