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Russell Smith smith at cbrsgi.med.harvard.edu
Wed Jul 13 22:23:43 EST 1994

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> Hi there,
> I was wondering if anyone could help me with reference/bibliography managers
> for the Mac. I am about to udertake the writing of my PhD thesis and was 
> wondering if anyone could tell me about the ins and outs of various programs
> that are available.
> Any help would be appreciated


I was in your position a couple of years ago.  I would highly recommend
EndNote Plus from Niles and Associates.  It inserts citations and formats
them in an intuitive, cut and paste manner.  It comes with most common
citation formats included and also lets you create your own.  If you are
using Microsoft Word, get the plug-in module.  It allows you to do
everything in one document (you don't need a separate formatted version). 
If you want to download database records directly, you will also need to
get Endlink.

Good luck,


Russell Smith
Center for Blood Research
Harvard Medical School
smith at cbrsgi.med.harvard.edu

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