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|> >> Hi there,
|> >> 
|> >> I was wondering if anyone could help me with reference/bibliography managers
|> >> for the Mac. I am about to udertake the writing of my PhD thesis and was 
|> >> wondering if anyone could tell me about the ins and outs of various programs
|> >> that are available.
|> >> Any help would be appreciated
|> I'm almost sure that Reference Manager is available on the Mac.
|> Nigel Pickering
|> Visiting Assistant

Yes, Reference Manager is available for the Mac, but I'm not sure I recomend it.
My old lab went through the process of finding and selecting a reference program
last year and we chose RM over Endnote based on the claims that it worked seamlessly
with both Word and Wordperfect, while Endnote did not. This claim is a bit 
exaggerated, as it requires a third program (Splicer) to generate the bibliography.
Another bit of hyperbole in their adverts was "unlimited number of database." While
this is true, only one may be larger than 200 references, and you cannot have more 
than one open in one document. Inputting the references is difficult, as it uses
a rather arcane data format, and once the record is in you'll find the program
does not support font changes (like italics) within the record. All in all, it 
looked like a DOS program that was ported to the Mac without the ability to take
advantage of the Mac interface.

Overall, I was disappointed the current state of the art for bibliography tools. RM
and EndNote seem to be the best available, but both have lots of room for improvement.
I would recomend EndNote over RM if you are using MS Word, as EndNote *does* fully
integrate with that program. If you are using Wordperfect, then RM is probably the
better choice as it is a bit easier to use to generate the references section.

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