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John Wood john.wood at dreamscape.com
Mon Jul 11 19:05:00 EST 1994

Hello everyone,
        I'm fairly new to the net, in fact it's my first day on! I have an
ongoing quest for quality educational software geared towards upper level high
school, and college students. My goal is to establish a local BBS that is
accessible to students. I'm not even sure if this is the right place to post
this message, but I have to start somewhere. My apologies if I'm wrong. If
anyone has written, or used any quality shareware or freeware programs with
this scope of interest, please contact me. I have many files now, but the dates
are very old on some of them. Any information about the file names (MS-DOS) and
there where-abouts would make my day. I am preseently a student, finishing off
the last semesters of pre-pharmacy courses. I am ery interested in science
based software, i.e. math, chamistry, physics, biology, microbiology, etc... If
this message does not belong in this conference, please inform me, and give
clues as to where it should be.

Thanks in Advance,

John Wood

Address ==> john.wood at dreamscape.com

Internet: john.wood at dreamscape.com (John Wood)
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