Do I need a Postscript interpreter?

B.L.Cohen gbga13 at udcf.gla.ac.uk
Fri Jul 8 06:30:07 EST 1994

My printer is an HP 500 DeskWriter, driven by a Macintosh Quadra 610  with
version 5.0 (and previously 3.x) HP software and Mac OS 7.1.   I need to
use certain scientific programs that either produce Postscript output or
have a memory-use conflict with the printer such that the software crashes
on exiting from a printing job.   I would prefer to find  standalone
solutions to these two problems, rather than communicate with or buy a

I understand that a Postscript Interpreter might enable  Postscript output
to be sent to the DeskWriter.   If this is so, I would welcome advice on
choice of software, pros and cons., etc.   MacConnection has been mentioned
in this context, but it does not seem to be on sale in the UK.   If anyone
recommends it, please supply the maker's contact details.

I cannot describe the memory-use conflict problem any further and
anticipate that it probably has no solution other than waiting for the
software (or the printer's drivers) to be re-written.   But any suggestions
will be welcomed. 
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