GCG and X-windows

Neal Dalton nrd at insitu.med.umn.edu
Tue Jul 5 17:51:27 EST 1994

Garry Myers (garry at menzies.su.edu.au) wrote:
: Hi,

: Could somebody point me in the direction of a X-front end for GCG called
: "gcgnav".  I found the reference to this via the bionet archives but have
: so far been unable to get in contact with the original poster.  Any comments
: or suggestions for other (if any) X interfaces for GCG also appreciated.

It was on our CD, perhaps in the unsupported or contrib.  Now it is
gcgcore/script/gcgnav.  It uses tcl and they supply a wish executable.
Wish is pretty old and it doesn't work with the latest version.

It is nothing fancy, just groups the command and give you a menu with
the on for the group, then runs a xterm with the help and the command.


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