Prokaryotic Promoter Recognizing Program (or Database)

jenfedaque at samba.cnb.uam.es jenfedaque at samba.cnb.uam.es
Tue Jul 5 18:31:24 EST 1994

I am looking for a program (PC or UNIX-based) or database of
prokaryotic promoter sequences. If it exists, it should be able
to build promoter consensus sequences of promoter regions sorted 
by type of gene:
i.e. activators, structurals, etc.
Alternatively, it may be able to recognize a putative promoter sequence
in a DNA, and assign it to a family of promoters...

If such a program does not exist, an structured database of promoters
would be of help. (Though scanning it manually would be painful :-(  

If not, any bibliographic reference or review article will be welcome.

Thanks a lot. Please answer to     josefina at farmacia.ub.es

Josefina Enfedaque			josefina at farmacia.ub.es
Dept. Microbiology			Tel: 34-3-402 44 97
Fac. of Pharmacy			Fax: 34-3-402 18 86
Univ. of Barcelona (Spain)

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