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Thomas Burglin burglin at Frodo.MGH.Harvard.EDU
Sat Jul 2 10:34:33 EST 1994

>Hello,  I am in the process of deciding whether or not to get a Power PC and co
>uld use some advice from anyone who has and is using one.  The machine I am con
>sidering is a 7100 with 8MB and CD and 250HD.  What I want to run are word proc
>essing like word or Wordperf, spreadsheet like Excel, and stats package such as
> systat.  Additionally I may add on something to edit photo images for slide pr

It all depends on the software, if you can get it in PowerPC native code.
Wordperferct is out in PPC code.  
The emulation of the PPCs is about equivalent to a IIci or a Quadra 605,
depending on what operation it is.
However, the emulation does not emulate a FPU (math coprocessor)!
If systat is not available in PPC code, it won't run!
CAll them up and ask about a PPC version
Excel will run, since it automatically determines the presence of 
a FPU, but in emulation mode any math operations will be slow.
Excel and Word should come out later in the year in PPC code.

You might want
to consider a Quadra 650, plus a PPC upgrade card from Apple,
it's a combination that is slightly cheaper than a 7100, but has
a similar CPU power (except you won't get a couple of PowerPC goodies
such a geoport and 2 meg vram expansion) and you can run software
screaming fast in 68040 or  PPC  (you need to restart to switch though).

Thomas Burglin

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